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Rubicoil machine

for spiral coil binding


Years ago I got a Paper Parachute catalog that had the most wonderful spiral coil binding… it looked so neat and even…so professional… I loved the way it folded flat, even when I turned the pages back. I wanted to bind things that way!  I researched the machines that were capable of coil binding at the time and discovered that they cost from $600 to $1,000!  Ouch.

After a long search, I  finally found an affordable and sturdy coil binding punch -- the Rubicoil spiral binding punch.  The Rubicoil makes beautifully clean round holes, four to an inch, for making spiral-bound calendars, journals, scrapbooks, address books, catalogs, cookbooks, and anything you'd like to bind!

It is so easy to use, I made a 20-page book within minutes of unpacking my new coil punch! I hadn't even read the instructions yet!  

After starting the coil through the first hole, all you have to do is TWIRL the coil and it automatically turns through the next holes until the book is done.  Then just trim the ends with scissors or finishing pliers and tighten the final coil, and your book is complete!

The RubiCoil will punch four tiny holes per inch on anything from the tiniest necklace books up to large documents.  It will punch six to eight pages of light-weight paper at a time and it will also punch three to four sheets of cardstock, as well as two sheets of lightweight cardboard at a time for book covers!  To make the holes align perfectly, all you have to do is position the paper or cardstock against the paper guide on the left side of the punch.  It makes PERFECT books!

The Rubicoil punch is easy to use, portable, requires no electricity, and has a one-year warranty.