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Lite-Touch PRO Corner Rounder

The Lite-Touch PRO ships with one medium-radius corner rounding blade -- the same corner shape that a little hand-held "one-sheet-at-a-time" corner rounder cuts.

Three additional corner blades are also available, and the blades are easily interchangeable.

A large-radius blade, which makes an elegant wider arc, great for formal invitations and other projects:  $29.95
A small-radius blade, exactly the radius of the corner of a playing card:  $29.95
A diagonal blade, which makes diagonal corners like those on a shipping tag $29.95


The small-radius blade is perfect for Artist Trading Cards. ATCs look great with slightly rounded corners.

Have you seen patterned shipping tags in scrapbook stores?  You can easily make your own patterned tags with the Lite-Touch PRO. Just cut patterned paper into rectangles, and alter the top two corners with the diagonal blade!  Punch a hole in the top center with the Japanese book drill, and you'll have custom patterned shipping tags!

Rubber stampers, scrapbookers, desktop publishers, printers, and computer crafters are excited about the Lite-Touch PRO Corner Rounder. 

An "industrial-strength" corner rounder, this powerful machine will round the corners on a 3/8" STACK of card stock, cork, vinyl, acetate,  cardboard, mat board, shrink plastic and even magnets with the lightest press of a lever.

To give you an idea of just how big a 3/8" stack can be -- that's 110 sheets of text-weight paper!  You can round the corners of an entire altered book with just a few punches!

No more one-sheet-at-a-time corner rounding.  No more bruised thumbs from pushing a handheld corner rounder over and over.  No more turning to hammers out of desperation! This machine gets the job done in minutes!

Lite-Touch PRO professional corner rounder: $149